Books & Insights


June 14, 2021

By Daniel Kahneman

Human judgement can be problematic. Daniel Kahneman examines human judgement and its role in a variety of industries in his new book.

The Fallacy of Ambition

June 3, 2021

Don Bailey

Insurance leaders can transform their team and organisation when they embrace precision over inclusion, and prioritise achievement over ambition.

Purpose in Life

April 12, 2021

Don Bailey

4 things we need to get through life well: health, wealth, friends and purpose. On purpose, we struggle for a definition.

Think Again

February 16, 2021

By Adam Grant

Changing your mind is often viewed with skepticism. However, organizational psychologist and Wharton Professor, Adam Grant urges readers to embrace and maintain an open mind.

Men and Women are Different

February 10, 2021

Don Bailey

I am a former executive and a current executive coach. Men and women are different.

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