Books & Insights

Alice In Wonderland
February 7, 2017

Don Bailey

You remember her? I’m guessing most people have some knowledge of the little girl from the 1865 novel that who falls down a rabbit hole into a fantasy world.

The Power of Habit
February 2, 2017

by Charles Duhigg

So much of life and work is governed by the habit loop (cue-routine-reward). While the cue reward and reward are locked in, we can change the routine of our lives to create incredible outcomes.

Fountains & Drains
November 15, 2016

Don Bailey

You’re either a fountain or a drain. Funny thing is, you’re not born that way. It’s a choice you make every day when you wake up.

My Airplane
September 27, 2016

Don Bailey

How one man’s decision to act inspired me to change my life; success comes to those who have the courage to decide.

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