Our approach

At Bristlecone, we indentify, interrogate, and manage the obstacles that disrupt the achievement of personalprofessional, and corporate goals. Through a combination of unvarnished truth, relentless introspection and actionable advice, we help executives and businesses in the pursuit of their potential.


Our mission is to help every business leader navigate a journey of awareness and realize their purpose. Each one of us senses that there is a gap between the goals we achieve every day and our true potential. Even on those days where the wind fills our sails, we know there are opportunities that might not be captured and a priority left undone.

Throughout our careers, we often saw this gap manifest in “successful” leaders who undermined their own performance for lack of clear purpose and understanding of success metrics. We founded Bristlecone Partners in 2017 to tackle the root of these challenges and solve the disparities in personal and professional leadership.


Communicate the Unvarnished Truth

Emphasize Accountability Through Action

Foster Trust

Recognize that Growth Must be a Constant

Our Approach

Our background lends itself to our unique process: informing the fundamental principles of executive coaching with insights garnered from years of business leadership and identifying and targeting the cause of issues at their root.

Using a variety of tools such as: psychometric testing, videosreadingsimagery and discussion, Bristlecone’s methods promote psychological safetyself-awareness and growth in our clients.

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