The unique Bristlecone coaching approach delivers distinct outcomes to executives in various capacities.

“The difference between a good life and a bad life is how well you walk through the fire” – Carl Jung

01 Chief Executive Officer

Public Company

She was frustrated with the legacy mindset of the leadership team and knew the company needed to take more risks and embrace new approaches. Bristlecone worked with her to better understand the science of change and how to collaborate with the leadership team to create a change culture and deliver outpaced growth.

02 Chief Legal Officer

Private Company

He wanted to be seen as more than a lawyer. He knew he could offer more value than just the legal and compliance work he was doing for the organization. Bristlecone worked with him to identify/build his core skills to create a broader role for him in leading strategy development for the organization.

03 Chief Sales Officer

Private Company

She knew the sales results had to improve and was challenged by the seemingly unchangeable sales cultures of the company. Bristlecone supported her in the development of an innovative and compelling sales strategy using social currency to drive pull-demand. Sales growth tripled.

04 Chief Financial Officer

Private Company

He was frustrated by the intense oversight of the Board and the diminishing autonomy he had to run the finance organization. Bristlecone partnered with him to create a deeper understanding of the Board behaviors and identify personal strategies, which enabled him to engage with the Board in a constructive manner and gain his autonomy back.

05 Senior Executive

Private Company

While he had achieved a senior role in the organization, his team's feedback was not positive. He needed to find a better way, or risk his career. Bristlecone led him on a journey of awareness where he actively managed his ego and reinvented himself as an inspirational leader and recognized developer of people.

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