For Executives & Businesses

Each one of us senses that there is a gap between the goals that we achieve every day and our true potential.

The gap between what we accomplish and what we are capable of accomplishing can drain our energy and blunt our purpose.

For executives who choose to be proactive in addressing their performance-and/or the performance of their team members-the options are few. The market is full of jargon-heavy, experience-light life coaches offering cookie-cutter advice.

Our firm is different. We identify, interrogate, and manage the obstacles that disrupt the achievement of personal, professional and corporate goals.

Through straightforward assessment, relentless introspection, strong partnership and actionable advice, we help executives and businesses in the pursuit of their potential.

How Does Bristlecone Coaching Work?

During our nine months together, we will meet for one-hour sessions every two to three weeks. At least three of these sessions will be in person and the remainder will be via video conference. Through the use of a variety of assessments, we begin our work together. After each session, we email detailed notes from our coaching conversation with salient points and mutually agreed-upon action items.


Themes that will define our engagement:

Challenging your “Default” Mode

Simplifying the Complexity of Life / Work

Harnessing Adversity as a Moment for Change

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